Top Destinations In The UK

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country with stunning natural beauty and modern cities, yet is often overlooked in favour of its European neighbours. For those who want to see the best parts of the United Kingdom, here is a list of the top three destinations in the UK that everyone should add to their holiday bucket list.


It is important to remember that the UK is much more than just England, encompassing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well. Edinburgh is a centre for culture and history, featuring a castle which dates back to the 16th century. For people looking for culture, the festival season is not to be missed - great British comedians, playwrights and singers take residence in the Scottish capital during the summer months to perform for crowds of thousands of people. Don't forget to visit places like the Scotch Whiskey Experience, during which visitors (over the age of 18!) will experience everything there is to know about Scotch Whiskey.

Lake District

There can be no doubt that the Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom, if not in the world. Set within stunning British countryside are the series of lakes which make up this region, offering great locations for holidaymakers - whether from home or abroad - to experience a great summer holiday. Whether you are looking to climb amongst the waterfalls or simply want to relax on the shore with an ice cream, the Lake District cannot be beaten.

South Coast

A quintessential part of Britishness for many people is the English South Coast. From Brighton to Portsmouth to Southampton to Hastings, there is a perfect mix of things to keep families busy, as well as a number of things that individuals will love. Whether you take a stroll along the seafront, visit the marine animal centres, or explore the historical side of England, there are plenty of things to keep everyone happy. The South Cost is often neglected in favour of urban centres nowadays, but lots of happy memories can be made with summers spent in the classic parts of England. The South Coast is a true gem that's not to be missed!